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TriQA (pronounced as Trika) is an acronym for Triumph Institute of Quality Application. It is also a concept which means the three energies of Will, Knowledge, and Power of Action.

 Who Are We? 


TriQA is an organization incorporated, by highly experienced quality professionals, with the aim to provide comprehensive quality-related education, training and consulting to individuals and organizations. Our endeavor is to bring a Quality and Innovation Revolution in the world. Our ability to develop innovative and createsustainable solutions to problems faced by organizations today makes us the pioneer in spreading the Word of Quality. We believe in constantly challenging the status quo and fostering a ‘Process Way of Thinking’.



Why TriQA ?


  • Our instructors, mentors and trainers are seasoned professionals who bring over 15 years of real world, hands-on experience implementing and deploying Lean and Six Sigma across various geographic locations and domains.


  • TriQA’s trainers are the Accredited Training Associates (ATA) of International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) which makes the certification globally recognized and acceptable.


  • TriQA’s Project Assistance Program for six months post the completion of course – Our mentors and trainers assist candidates to apply Lean Six Sigma concepts to real life problems


  • Whether you are an emerging organization, already a market leader or struggling to put your foot firm in the arena, our customized “Client Acceleration Program” will help you to achieve your goals.


  • We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to Lean or Six Sigma, hence, we offer a wide range of flexible, modular standard programs with Quality Application and its practical aspects in focus.


  • We provide you with detailed, updated and high quality handout materials with latest inputs for future reference.


  • TriQA strongly believes that the purpose of its inception is to foster a Quality and Innovation culture in the world. Hence, we provide unequivocal support for all registered professionals, whether students or not, through a robust web based forum integrated with our websites.





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